This time it's the GameBoy Color Sonic Adventure Game!

Recently, I was traveling about in a Goodwill and guess what I found! Frogger for PC, an expansion pack for the original Star Craft and the original Star Wars trilogy on good 'ol VHS...oh yeah and I also found Toy story for the SEGA Genesis. It was in its original box (which was a little beat up) AND came with a manual. But enough about bragging about what I found, let's take a look at the game itself.

The graphics were AMAZING for its time! according to what I read in the manual, they actually used the models right from the movie to make the sprites. What more can I say other than "it looked neat".

The music and sounds were alright. but I looked up a video of the Super Nintendo version and I noticed that, as usual, the Super Nintendo produced better sound and music.

One thing to mention is that the SNES verson has a Password system and the SEGA version doesn't. SEGA does what Nintendon't? I don't think So!

The game play was quite fun, but let me tell ya, this game doesn't screw around! I found mysellf dying many times, because I was a little too cocky, but as soon as I got hold of my patience, I did alright...that is until the level with (wait for it...............) THE CLAW! First of all, it wasn't very clear how I was supposed to fight this boss, so I had to look up an FAQ. This boss is challenging even when you know what to do. Basically you knock little green men at the claw when ever it picks up Buzz, because if Buzz gets taken, you lose a life. I found myself in a little bit of a panic when trying to hit the boss, so I kept missing and naturally, I eventually game over'd.

One of the coolest things about the game play is how it changes. usually it's pretty much a challenging platformer, but other times it can involve driving or being chased. There was even a level where the game sort of turned into Doom with a similar of 3D environment.

As far as extras go, it's pretty cool that the manual that it comes with explains a little bit of backstory with the making of the game, and the rendering of the characters in the movie. What I really scratch my head at is why on the back of the box it says "Humongous characters and sharper-than-life 3-d. All on an Outrageous 32 Megs!". Seriously, what kid in the 90s even understood what having 32 megs on a chartridge meant for them? Heck what kid in the 90s even knew what megs where? I sure didn't at the time!

Bottom line, if you like Disney, Pixar or just like Toy Story, this game is definitely worth checking out. If you are a BIG fan of Disney, Pixar, Toy Story and/or filmography involving CGIs and its history, get the game with its manual. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed! Though maybe you should get the SNES version instead...

My rating for this game: 8/10

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2011-11-12 06:56:30 by sergeant16bit

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